Local Singapore Jokes

Why do the stadium become so hot after the soccer match???
Answer: Because the “fans” are gone.

Who will always got traffic summons while walking??
Answer: All the people who called “Jay”…because they are jaywalking.

What do you call a prawn without legs?
Answer: Lame sia….

Which town in Singapore is the most beautiful??
Clue: One of the MRT stations in the East.
Answer: Tanah Merah. ( because “Dang rang mei la!” means “Of course beautiful lah!”)

Who give Andy Lau a cup of “Forget Love Water?” (Wang Qin Shui)
Answer: Ah Ha
because Ah Ha..gei wo yi bei wang qin shui”
(=Ah Ha…give me a cup of “Forget Love Water.)

At what situation can we have dinner before lunch?
Answer: In a Dictionary ( “D”inner always come before “L”unch)

How would you call when you saw a blind deer?
Answer: No idea…. (Because No Eye Deer)

What do you think will come out from a pampered cow??
Answer: Spoilt Milk

A cake got lost in the jungle. An animal encouraged the cake and help the cake out of the jungle.
What animal was it?
Answer: Pig ( Because Zhu Gu Li Dan Gao = Chocolate Cake.)

Why does lightning hit trees on windy days?
Answer: Because on windy days, the trees “sway”. (= unlucky)

Why can’t you take a photo of a man with a tie?
Answer: Because you cannot take photo with a tie.

You have the mobile numbers of five friends,John,Peter,Jackson,Gilbert and Tommy
You must not call Who?? And Why??
Answer: Jackson. Because “Michael Jackson” (‘Mai’ Call Jackson)

Why is Superman costume so tight?
Answer: Because he always wear Size “S” clothes

Local Singapore Jokes

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